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I am a Global Network Marketing Professional who began in the industry in 2001 as a stay at home mom with a very small circle of influence.  To be successful, I had to come up with creative ways to find new prospects to speak with daily. I’ve perfected my methods for lead generation and have become a top 1% industry earner in what began as ‘Mom’s Little Home Based Business’. I enjoy sharing with Network Marketers how they can build a network marketing business without relying solely on friends and family.

I have mastered the art of building international teams by integrating internet marketing and Social Media Marketing with traditional offline Network Marketing methods. I gain tremendous satisfaction in teaching entrepreneurs how to achieve freedom though this profession and share my expertise both online through my blog and social media channels and also at live events.

I consider myself to be an Ambassador to the Network Marketing Profession and emphasize working with integrity and a code of ethics that influences a strong culture of excellence.  I regularly train on webinars and stages on how to go full time in Network Marketing, and even how to become a top 1% earner in the industry, with an emphasis on full compliance with the FDA and FTC.

What most people don’t know about me…
I’m a Global Network Marketing Expert that became a top 1% earner in the industry in what began as ‘Mom’s Little Home Based Business’.

My background did NOT prepare me for business!

I graduated with a BS from Rutgers University with a degree in Ecology and Conservation. Though I graduated with honors, instead of going on to get my Masters, I flew across the pond to work as an ecological consultant in the south of England. I lived in a caravan, totally ‘off the grid’ while living and working on an organic farm. I also traveled the countryside with a Samba bateria performing at large music festivals, and enjoyed writing and performing original folk music.

I returned to the USA in 1999, fully intending to drive my car & bike across the country to live and work in eco villages. Instead, I ended up contracting Lyme disease, and found myself in the arms of the man I would choose to spend the rest of my life with, Allen Milletics.

As the 2 children came along, I continued to study holistic health, nutrition, herbalism, aromatherapy, and worked as doula and breastfeeding counselor. I take great pride in being a holistic momma!

You’ll probably agree that this is NOT the typical background of your typical high achieving business person.
-But where there is a WHY, there is a way.

I was determined to be a full time mother to my 2 children, and started my home based Network Marketing business as a way to make the income to do just that.
Beginning in 2001 I applied my PASSION for holistic health to help thousands of people to achieve their health goals.

Without a traditional business background, I have developed a business from my home office that made me a top 1% earner in the Network Marketing profession.

So how does a hippie Momma turn a passion into a Multiple Six Figure Enterprise?  By utilizing the Internet, of course!

Committed to a better life for my family, I began to study internet marketing in 2001 and used online strategies to generate leads for my Network Marketing Business. I began to build what I call my ‘Golden List’ – lists of opportunity seekers. I mastered online relationship marketing using email, blogging, video, social media marketing, and of course the phone!

By 2009 I had become the #1 woman affiliate in the MLM niche. I even released my own information product “MLM List Building Exposed” and became a consultant to the industry for those who sought to have a successful online Network Marketing Business.

At the end of 2010 I reached the pinnacle position of a company. By the end of 2014 Allen and I  had earned more than $680,000 with that company. Our best year brought in more than $275,000 – which interestingly put us in the top .03% income earners in the world. Not bad for a hippie turned entrepreneur!

I have compiled what I consider to be the most crucial lessons I have learned along the way in the courses you will find here.

It is my goal that you will move swiftly into being a PRO and move forward in POWER to build your empire!


Wishing you life's best,
Melanie Milletics


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